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There’s a secret lurking inside this book that has the power to mend a broken heart. Will it be discovered before it’s too late?


The year is 1969. The place is Blackie’s Landing, a remote barrier island off North Carolina’s coast.

WWII veteran Andrew McBride is drowning in booze and bittersweet thoughts of a lost love as he pens his memoirs. Meanwhile, eager land developers threaten to destroy the sanctity of his quaint hideaway. 

Andy’s life is about to change forever when beautiful, young Andrea Bonelli lands on his doorstep seeking shelter from a storm. Complications abound when young Bobby Ainsworth brings his own troubles to Blackie’s Landing. With the nor’easter of the century on the horizon, survival suddenly becomes priority #1 for all of them.

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Reader Reviews

Entertaining! I enjoyed this read. The author transports you to the year 1969 and the area of North Carolina from the change of weather to the smells. I could almost taste the shrimp, coleslaw and hush puppies, and I entertained the idea of making them after reading this in her book. I could visualize each character and have feeling for each of them. They came alive for me. The book was a fast read, which I liked. I look forward to reading the author’s other books. I know I will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed Aniratak.

Renee' Zepeda, Paso Roble, Calif., an avid book reader

Never A Dull Moment - One thing I can always count on when reading any of Taylor's books is that there will never be a dull moment. I literally cannot put her books down once I pick them up. This novel, Aniratak, is exciting, romantic and suspenseful, in the sense that you never know what is going to happen next. The setting is in a small Carolina town by the sea, which is homey and quaint, and there seems to be more than one main character, which keeps things interesting. The story, or plot, if you will, unravels like a spool of thread falling to the floor, which I have found is the author's unique style. If you haven't yet read any of her books, I urge you to do so and Aniratak would be a great one for starters.

Danette Paris, Bonaire, Ga.

I just finished reading this book and, as usual, Joyce Marie Taylor never ceases to amaze me with her creative writing. This book was yet another one of her books that I found hard to put down. The story of Andy & Katarina is not what I thought it was going to be. When I got to the end of the book I found myself in awe. I love the mystery that Joyce brings to her books, as well as the romance.

E. Richter