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… according to Laurie Lambkin, that is.

After relocating from a bustling metropolis to a small, upscale equine community in Central Florida, Laurie and her parents find themselves thrust into a completely different environment; a place where horses and riding competitions are a way of life.


Laurie soon discovers that Milltown may be small, but sometimes small towns harbor big secrets. Watch as her budding friendship with the neighbor’s young son Chuck evolves into a secret mentoring program.


Trouble begins to brew and rivalries will surface when a surly young boy named Freddy Feingold appears on the scene, along with Chuck’s misguided sister, Tiffany.

Reader Reviews

Great for Pre-Teens! I just finished reading this book. My children are older now, but if this book would have been available when they were younger, I am sure they both would have enjoyed reading it. The story of Laurie and Chuck (Chuckles) is very inspiring for kids reaching their teens. With society today, I think this book should be available for all kids to read.

E. Richter, an avid reader