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Forbidden Rendezvous

Kelli Ann Callahan is in for the ride of her life when a chance meeting at a beach-side bar thrusts her into a whirlwind romance with a wealthy Dallas businessman. Is Bryan Danforth too good to be true? Will she follow her instincts to avoid certain heartache lurking in the wings, or will she give in to the passion of a storybook romance?

Kelli's two best friends, Sally and Pierre, offer plenty of advice and support along the way, as well as humorous moments that will leave you doubled over in laughter. Join the parade of characters and get lost in the twists and turns of this enchanting story of romance.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Beth & Mark Eiglarsh

Reader Review

This is the first book I have read by my friend Joyce Marie Taylor and believe me it won't be my last! It is filled with romance, a little mystery and a lot of twists and turns (so much so, that I couldn't put it down). The story takes place in Hollywood Florida and Key West. There are several spunky characters but the main character is a young woman by the name of Kelli Callahan. The story is about her life's trials, tribulations and just the plain ole fun she has in her early twenties. It is a heartwarming love story that takes many unexpected turns. I had a hard time putting this book down and finished it in record time. I can't wait for the sequel as I am sure it will be just as exciting!

Danette Paris, Bonaire, Ga.