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To prove his innocence in a monumental business scandal, a man must enlist the help of the woman who stole his job and broke his heart.


Jerry Dobbs, a twenty-year veteran of A.N.T., the #2 Internet software company in the world, has just been fired for stealing and re-selling company secrets to a competitor.  Framed by an unknown foe, he sets out to find the perpetrator and enlists the help of his former assistant, Maria Bowers.

Reader Reviews

Quite the page turner! I loved the character Maria's thoughts. They added humor to the plot. There were quite a few twists and turns to keep you going and some subtle hints here and there. Totally enjoyable read, especially because there were no typos or punctuation errors, which seem to be the norm with today's writers.

Dennis Darragh

Wonderful author with some unique stories and perspectives!

Jill K. Mimbs