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Do opposites attract? Will long-held secrets reunite a family? You are about to find out in this love story starring Jasmine Carter. 

Jasmine is a young chef whose career will shift gears when she meets Carter Jamison, a wealthy and powerful man who is more handsome than the setting sun.  


Set in South Florida, Jasmine will get caught up in the Feng Shui philosophy and learn its correlation to her life, all while discovering true love and the power of Mother Nature. Follow along as two totally opposite characters cross paths on their way to a fine romance. Grab a book, head to the beach or your favorite armchair, and enjoy the ride!

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Reader Reviews

Taylor's words are stronger than a hurricane!

Joyce Marie Taylor has done it again with her book Kiss Me Darlin’. She's created a story that takes the reader away to her world of romance, BUT, in between, she tosses in (pardon the pun) a hurricane! I am a survivor of Hurricane Charley, which hit Florida, so I can tell you firsthand that she nailed it perfectly when she described the fury of the storm, the devastating effects of its path (her car was smashed by a tree in this story), and the aftermath of surviving a hurricane; stifling hot days, cold showers, back to basics, getting the power back on for the first time, etc. Her main character was so suspicious of why she was getting treated so well by the dashing leading man, not feeling worthy of all his generosity. In true Joyce Marie Taylor style, she ties up every string before you close the book's final page. She makes you not want to live your own life, but live through her eyes, mind and words. I highly recommend Kiss Me Darlin', if for nothing else, but finally to have found a good book to read. I look forward to her newest book Aniratak... coming out soon. I can't wait! Thank you, Joyce Marie Taylor, for following your dream of writing. You've given me much reading pleasure. Go buy the book. You won't be sorry! Better yet, purchase all of her books, snuggle up in your favorite reading place and let Joyce Marie Taylor take you away!

K. Kelly, Artist, Fla.

Joyce Marie Taylor’s book, Kiss Me Darlin’ is a great read. Joyce is a wonderful writer whose writing style keeps the reader turning pages and lends to a reader’s perception of experiencing exactly what the characters are experiencing. I didn’t want to put the book down because it had an element of suspense that kept me wanting to find out what would happen.

Jasmine, a young teenager who suffers abuse by an alcoholic mother, runs away with her boyfriend, Billy, spending the next several years with him. She is not a polished young debutante, but instead uses the language of someone who is used to hard knocks in a not too easy life. When Billy leaves her for someone else at the same time she loses her job, worry and financial concerns trouble her. Needing solace, she takes a trip to see her best friend, Lisa.

Kiss Me Darlin’ follows a plot similar to the cliché from rags to riches, as Jasmine’s friend, Lisa, interests her in Feng Shui (The Chinese art or practice of positioning objects, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang, and the flow of chi that have positive and negative effects.) Lisa gives her a Scarlett Milkweed meant to draw good luck according to Feng Shui beliefs, and ironically, her luck does change considerablyJasmine meets CJ, who embellishes her world with a shiny new car, and later, other things that enrich her life. CJ is at the root of some extraordinary suspense that will unfurl right on up to the very end of the book, which will offer a great surprise ending. If you’d like a good, fast-paced read that will keep you glued to the pages, then I highly recommend Kiss Me Darlin’.

Jeanette Cooper, Author

Kiss Me Darlin' is not just another romance novel. This book is loaded with intrigue and mystery, as well (not to mention some fun humor). This is the fourth book I have read by Joyce, so I had no doubts that it would be exciting, but I never thought it would entertain the wannabe detective side of me! The main characters, JC and CJ, fall in love as expected in a romance novel but, surprisingly enough, the story's main plot revolves around JC's past and who she really is. If you are looking for an out of the ordinary romance novel, I would recommend Kiss Me Darlin' or for that matter, any other novel written by Joyce Marie Taylor.

Danette Paris, Georgia