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In a desperate fight for her life as she flees from an abusive husband, Jessica Farnsworth finds herself in a ghost town with no place to turn and no hope for the future until a down and out drunk wallowing in grief invites her to stay a while.

Jack Rangle and Jessica, with the aid of some unlikely townsfolk, embark on a mission to turn the town of Deadville into a charming utopia of art at its finest. Will they succeed or is it all just a pipe dream?

Reader Review

Perfect for a relaxing read with a glass of wine! I just finished reading Love in the Shadows, and I loved it! Maybe it's because I live in a small town populated with quite a few residents who remind me of Taylor's characters. Small towns are like big families - you know everybody - their good and not so good qualities, but you're inclined to love them no matter what! Taylor knows how to develop her characters and build suspense; she keeps the action moving, and the ending has a nice, unexpected twist. An added bonus of the book is Taylor's choice of a slightly larger font size. My eyesight isn't what it used to be, so the larger print made it easier to read, and an overall more enjoyable reading experience. 

E. Miller