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Explore what happens when an award-winning artist teams up with a romantic/suspense novelist to tell the story of child abuse. 


Nina’s Corner will propel you into the sick, sordid world of child sexual abuse and its lifelong aftereffects, as well as offer hope and help for its victims. Even with the controversial and distressing subject matter, there are many lighthearted and humorous moments, along with some unexpected twists and turns that will culminate into a satisfying and happy ending. The authors' desire and purpose behind writing this novel is to inspire their readers to join the cause for people against abuse of all kinds.


The book cover is a work of art in itself, as Kelly first took a photograph, then painted it onto canvas, and then took a photo of the canvas, which Taylor used for the design of the book's cover. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Art for A.C.T. (Abuse Counseling and Treatment) in Fort Myers, Fla.

Reader Reviews

With respect to April being National Child Abuse Awareness Month, this reader has been moved by the struggle of these special victims to get recognition and treatment for their experiences at the hands of monsters whose pure evil is unrepentant, and according to law authorities cannot be rehabilitated. It takes a singular courage and resolute focus to come forward with your stories and to put them in a book form. The authors' shining example is worthy of emulation as a force against the corruption of innocence.

Frank Dragotta

Two of my friends, Kathleen and Joyce co-wrote a book called Nina's Corner. I read it in less than 3 days because it is so intriguing. The story line is threaded with abuse in many forms, some women (and men) are so used to abuse that they never see it for what it really is because they have become numb from it. It is a sad day when someone will use abuse for their own sick pleasures, to overpower others or to use others for their own gain. This book is about a young girl, Nina, growing up as a child, living through abuse from her grandfather and later from her boyfriend, husband, etc. There are happy times, sad times, hard times, but it all fits into the scheme of life that you feel like you can relate to it. At least I do for the most part. The book has a happy-ending but it's not a fairy-tale life Nina leads. She just always was looking for The One, but she was looking in the wrong places. Love finally finds her, but can she ever trust again? Read the book and find out!

I know of child abuse, physical and mental abuse, it is a very ugly thing. One that usually keeps the victim(s) trapped in a world of silence from embarrassment and humiliation. It affects everyone with a heart.

I've always had this saying: To love is nothing, to be loved is something, but to love and be loved is everything. (Author unknown) This is my motto in life. Everyone needs to be loved, without love we are not whole. That is what this book is to me. Read it. It is really great.

Angel, Book Reviewer

This book is truly an interesting read for anyone that may have been a victim of abuse, as well as those who were fortunate enough not to have gone through such an ordeal. I was captivated by the story from the beginning of Nina's journey all the way through to the end, and I found myself not wanting to put Nina's Corner down.

E. Richter

Your book was amazing Kathleen. It really touched home with me and my being molested. It was hard to read at times, but I highly recommend it for anyone having a SECRET. No one should ever suffer this fate. But for those of us who have, you've paved the way to a healthier and happier life. It is because of you that my final chapter of letting go, of forgiving and moving on has happened. I will be forever grateful to you for that. I am free now. I can talk about things, and I can hold my head up and know I did nothing wrong. I was a victim. I am not a victim anymore! He was the problem. He was the abuser. He was the molester. You, my friend, have given me a gift that will forever be in my heart. You have given me a new lease on life! Sincere thanks!

Gina, a friend and Amazon reader

Nina's Corner is a great read and brings each character to life. Thoroughly enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down!! Will be looking into other books by these two wonderful authors.

Facebook friend