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John… 1010… What does it mean?  

No, this isn't a fashion magazine... and it isn't a story about a woman named Ruby. It's a mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat... or perhaps the edge of your sanity...

    Numbers… Johns… Paranoia!  

Who or what is after Kitty Polowski? Are her fears real, or is it just her mind playing tricks? 

After a barrage of frightening e-mails, Kitty is certain someone is stalking her. Soon, people she knows are dying. Is it merely coincidence? Everyone is suspect, especially John. 
   Can she run from her past? 
       Can she hide?  
          And...who in the heck is John?

Cover Photo Courtesy of Pink Whitt

Reader Reviews

Ruby is a combination romance and murder mystery. It's heroine, Kitty, lives in Hollywood, Florida and works in the advertising industry. She's a thoroughly modern, middle-aged woman, divorced, independent, hard-working and… er... mouthy. Actually I think she's mainly mouthy in her mind, because you're inside Kitty's brain most of the time, listening to her unrepressed expletives and opinions of life. In real life and at work she's a pro.

Kitty is out to find love and thinks she's found it online. All of the hopes, fears and cynical thoughts we have online when meeting people are explored here. Most interesting was the exploration of the way virtuality can become real and influence your day-to-day thinking when you're logged off. It can be a frighteningly damaging experience.

The book cracks on at quite a pace with the sort of attention to detail, which makes you feel as if you're actually in Kitty's home or on a boat with her. This is an especially good book to take away on holiday with you. I've given it four stars because I think it may only be fully appreciated by people who socialize a lot online and understand the nuances of virtual interactions. Anyone else will realize we're all crackers.

G. Conway-UK Book Reviewer

A definite page turner! Ruby is a fascinating look inside the mind of a woman who is experiencing the effects of aging, as well as all those paranoid feelings that accompany the onset of menopause. The author has cleverly woven this tale of mystery and romance around this episode of a woman's life. The references to biblical characters - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - and the significance of the numbers 1010 will keep you turning page after page until she reveals all the answers. A must read for women of all ages, and men, too, especially if your name is John! 

J. Cooper, Fla.

I found Ruby to be an extremely phenomenal presentation of humanness, anxiety, emotion and fear - real or imagined. It is difficult to put the book down after starting to read it and it's absorbing to both male and female readers. I shared reading it with a person of the opposite gender and we both enjoyed it thoroughly - for different reasons, in some cases. The writer expresses different personality traits to the understanding of the well-read person, and also to those readers to whom real life drama is expressed in lay terms. Many thanks to the writer for sharing her professionalism with an avid reader. 

R. Pacevich, Live Oak, Fla.

An excellent presentation from any era, especially from someone having lived through menopause - the fears, the angst are so well orchestrated by this writer. Kudos to a beautiful book and an exceptional writer! 

H. Tyson, North Florida

Having lived in Florida for over 20 years, I actually was able to visualize where Kitty lived and her hangouts on the beach. Also, having endured menopause, I understood her paranoia, but she got me in the end! I loved it!!! 

C. Watkins, Hollywood, Fla. 

I'm not even halfway on Ruby and all I can say (because I don't want to give it away) is the author writes as if she wrote it for me to read. She really draws the reader in. I can relate to "Kitty" so much. Right now she's running into a bunch of John's or Jon's or Jean' know what I mean. I've already told my friends to purchase the book. My husband asked me just last night, "What book are you reading that has your attention?" (Because if it's not an art book, I'm not normally reading it - I 'm very narrow minded that way - and I'm just not a reader) but this book has my interest. I'm really enjoying it. 

K. Kelly - Port Charlotte, Fla.

This book is very interesting. It keeps you guessing from the beginning. It is very well written. The mystery that surrounds Kitty is mind boggling. I love how Joyce Marie Taylor keeps you on the edge until the very end of the book. I recommend Ruby to anyone who enjoys romance, as well as mystery.

E. Richter

Good read! Many characters to keep track of and it all comes together nicely. Enough action to keep engaged with the next step.

Amazon reader