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Dumala...  is it coming for you?

Becky Rogers is a young woman with strong beliefs about how to make the world a better place to live. Many claim she uses scare tactics to raise awareness about environmental issues and they dismiss her as a troublemaker. When she discovers a catastrophic event about to happen, she finds herself in the middle of what could prove to be the end of life ‘as we know it’.


Will linguist Mickey DeRosa and ancient history professor Doc Wiggins be able to help Becky convince the world to change their destructive ways? Can they stop a dangerous military leader from destroying the world? Can love bloom during these troubled times? Lastly, is Planet Earth beyond fixing? Some say yes, but others have hopes for a brighter future. Are these strange events science fiction or reality? You decide…


Mike Mullis of Lake City, Fla. is a singer, songwriter, drummer and leader of the band WhooWhee. After taking first place in the Battle of the Bands in Green Cove Springs in 2009, Mullis set out to pursue another passion. He teamed up with author Joyce Marie Taylor and between these two Floridians, Dumala was born.