Jasmine's on the Beach

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Do opposites attract?  You are about to find  out in this captivating love story. 

Jasmine Carter and Carter Jamison  are worlds apart on many levels, including their socio-economic backgrounds. Could a chance encounter between totally opposite characters lead to romance, despite their differences? Will long-held secrets reunite a family? 

Find out if a particular philosophy of life can promote success, and learn how a beautiful plant, commonly thought of as a weed, might actually bring good fortune to an out-of-luck, transplanted Jersey girl living in South Florida.

This story was previously published as Kiss Me Darlin' in 2006.  Now, with a new title, a new cover, a new publisher, larger print, and a few minor edits, Jasmine's on the Beach is sure to entertain you. Enjoy this rags to riches ride to fame and fortune, all in the name of love!