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Living at 1998 Main Street in small town San Argle was not what Melissa had in mind for her future. Marrying Joe Schmo and having a houseful of Schmo babies with runny noses was not what she desired, either. California was where the action was and Melissa wanted to be in the thick of it. Can a small town girl find peace, love and happiness in the big city? Melissa Jones thinks so.

The exciting writing duo, Kathleen E. Kelly and Joyce Marie Taylor, have collaborated again to bring you a story about life in a small town and how one young woman takes the bull by the horns to capture her pent up dreams. A daring move to fabulous Los Angeles, where the sun is always shining, the men are hunkalicious, and dreams are there for the taking, is about to explode in a winding tale of love, loss and reality, California style!