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An Eclectic Collection of Poetry 

Taylor has been writing poetry since 1998 and inside the pages of this book you will find a collection of poems she has written throughout the years.

Taylor was featured twice in the International Who's Who In Poetry in 2004 and 2005,and was awarded the title of Poetry Ambassador in 2006.

To immortalize her prose, Taylor decided to slap 'em all together in one giant book of poetry. You will find some that rhyme, some that don't, and others that simply have no reason...

 Cover photo courtesy of the late Katherine M. Pacevich



Oct 2 2007 12:25 PM

by Joyce Marie Taylor
You’re faced with choices
Every day
It’s part of life you see
You hold the key
It’s up to you
To choose what you will be
Content and happy
Smiling face
Enjoying what you do
Or sad and angry
Full of hate
The choice is up to you
Sometimes it’s easy
To decide
Which avenue to take
But there are times
It’s difficult
To tell which choice to make
Just trust your instincts
Deep inside
Rely on basic teaching
You’ll make the choice
That’s right for you
While dreams you’ll soon be reaching

It seems I am an Internet Poetry Legend... and I haven't even died yet. I was doing a Google search on my name and I found the above on someone named Creatrix's MySpace page. Should I be flattered? Yes!  And, they even gave me proper credit.