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There’s a secret lurking inside this book that has the power to mend a broken heart. Will it be discovered before it’s too late?

The year is 1969. The place is Blackie’s Landing, a remote barrier island off North Carolina’s coast.

WWII veteran Andrew McBride is drowning in booze and bittersweet thoughts of a lost love as he pens his memoirs. Meanwhile, eager land developers threaten to destroy the sanctity of his quaint hideaway. 

Andy’s life is about to change forever when beautiful, young Andrea Bonelli lands on his doorstep seeking shelter from a storm. Complications abound when young Bobby Ainsworth brings his own troubles to Blackie’s Landing. With the nor’easter of the century on the horizon, survival suddenly becomes priority #1 for all of them.

Please note:

This book was previously published in 2007 under the title of Aniratak. Since nobody knew how to pronounce the title, including myself, I decided to give the story a fresh new look with a new publisher, a brand new title, a new cover photo (thanks Mom and Dad), much larger print, and a few minor edits. The story, however, remains the same.